School management software

      Our School Management Software comes with various standard and customized features to successfully run an institution without any hassle with more concentration on the development of life of Students. Some of the Key aspects of our software are shown below..!!

Time Table

Our Software automatically generates Time Tables with so many features in seconds reducing the workload of persons making it simpler to modify according to requirements.

Smart Attendance

Our Smart Attendance system saves at least 5 minutes a day in turn saving approximately 250 Hours a Year which could increase the productivity of Staff and Knowledge improvement of Students

Staff & Parent Engagement

This Feature makes it very simple for multiple teachers to engage many students in a single platform in sending the progress of the students to their parents and reduce the communication gaps which increases the parents and teachers bonding in students development..!!

Home works

Teachers can now send the home works to various class students very easily on the go through our application and that simplifies their huge work.

Transport & Maintenance

Its now very easy for the Transport and maintenance of the students. We have brought this very easily with the standards for allocation of the strength of students per vehicle, route assignments, timings and scheduling and so on..!!

Fee Payment System

Our Fee Payment System reduces the efforts of parents and school management in making the students fees and maintaining their records. We have simplified the works with the proper scheduling and automated reminders for the payments with so many additional features..!!

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